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Both the girl ‘s fleeting, strongly shining, beautiful moment―
Ayano Takeda’s novel that was written high-school student’s youth “Sound! Euphonium Kita Uji High School Brass Band, The stormy second movement” has been animated. Fragile beautiful moments about the two girl “Mizore” “Nozomi” is going to be drawn out.
Produced by Kyoto Animation which won “The 40th Japan Academy Award” “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 Animation of the Year the best picture award theater film category grand prix etc” with “A Silent Voice”, in production.


And the director:Naoko Yamada, Screenplay:Reiko Yoshida, Character Design:Futoshi Nishiya, Music:Kensuke Ushio, these main staff of the movie ” A Silent Voice ” have gathered.
By the creator who has reflected the delicate person’s heart ―Envy and despair that everyone has felt. And love enveloping them. This spring, they will deliver a work touch your heart.


She is the Blue Bird.
It is happiness for her to fly around freely in the wide sky.
But I was afraid to leave alone, confined her in a bird cage, pretended not to notice anything.
“Mizore Yoroizuka ” who is in charge of oboe at the Kita Uji High School Brass Band, and “Nozomi Kasaki” who is in charge of the flute.


Senior in high school, final competition for the two girls.
There was a solo in which the oboe and the flute were multiplied in the “Liz and the blue bird” chosen as the free song.
“Somehow, this song looks like us”
“Nozomi” say so without any inhibitions and blows solo happily. “Mizore” fears that the end will come closer while feeling happiness on days spending with “Nozomi”.
Both who should be “best friends”…
But the oboe and the flute’s solo did not engage well, there was something that made the distance feel.


Original work:Ayano Takeda
Director:Naoko Yamada
Screenplay:Reiko Yoshida
Character Design:Futoshi Nishiya
Art Dirctor:Mutsuo Shinohara
Color Design:Naomi Ishida
Instrument Setting:Hitoyuki Takahashi
Photography Director:Kazuya Takao
3D Director:Tetsurou Umezu
Sound Director:Youta Tsuruoka
Music:Kensuke Ushio
Music Production:Rantis
Music Production Cooperation:Senzoku Gakuen College Of Music
Spervision of brass band:Masahiro Oowada
Animation Production:Kyoto Animation
Production:”Hibike!”Production Committee

Release Date & theaters
August,21 2018
Theater::Shinjuku Piccadilly, Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro etc、 Screened all over the country
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”Eiga Log”




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