Digimon Adventure Tri. ”Bokura no Mirai” ※この映画はまだ評価がありません。


The first PV of Digimon Adventure tri. “Bokura no Mirai”, which is coming out in theaters on Saturday May 5, 2018, has been released.

Produced in 15th anniversary of “Digimon Adventure”, the sequel to the first “Digimon Adventure” series, the latest work “Digimon Adventure tri.” consisted of 6 chapters.

It’s been six years since that summer adventure when “Chosen Children” crossed over to the “Digital World”.

The adventure of the hero Taichi Yagami who’s become a high school student and the other members that are “Chosen Children” have been depicted.

The cumulative box office revenue from Chapter 1 “Reunion” screened in 2015 to Chapter 5 “Symbiosis” recorded 750 million yen, mobilization number 480,000 people.

Chapter 6 ” Bokura no Mirai (our future) “, which is finally the final chapter, is coming out at the theater in 2018 GW.

Amidst the expectation for the start of the screening of the theater of Chapter 6 “ Bokura no Mirai (our future) “, the first announcement PV’s released !

The collapse of the world has begun by the “Ordinemon” which the “Raguelmon” that mutated by the runaway of “Meicoomon” and “Ofanimon Falldown Mode” which the partner “Digimon Tailmon” of “Yagami Hikari” evolved into darkness merged.

“Chosen children” and Partner Digimon are trying to cope with the crisis telling their determination “to force together for Tailmon and Meicoomon “!

Meanwhile, Sora Takenouchi are worrying about missing Yagami Taichi and having tears, saying “How will Taichi say ? “.Moreover, there is going to be also the figure of the ultimate form of Tailmon “Holydramon” in the final stage of the film.

And what is the meaning of the word “all the lights is within Meicoomon…”? Expectations of Chapter 6 ” Bokura no Mirai ” finally reaching the final chapter are going to increase .

Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 6 ” Bokura no Mirai”

The film will screen in theaters for only three weeks on May 5, 2018. Theaters screening the film will also sell limited-edition Blu-ray Disc, and be available to stream online for a fee on the same day.


Natsuki Hanae

Chinatsu Sakamoto


Director : Keitarou Motonaga

Series Structure : Yuko Kakihara

Character design :Atsuya Uki

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©Akiyoshi Hongo. TOEI ANIMATION






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