A boy named Aoyama in the fourth grade of elementary school learns about the world and records what he learned in his notebook. He is clever and studies every day without fail neglecting every efforts, so we have no idea how great he is when he grows up.
Aoyama is like this, he is on good terms with the “sister” at the dental clinic that he attends, and she loves adult-like and clever Aoyama, including his cheeky part. One day、Penguins have appeared in a suburban city where Aoyama lives.
The penguins suddenly appeared in a residential area with no sea and disappeared. Where did they come from and where did they go?
Aoyama started studying to solve the mystery of the penguin.

And Aoyama witnessed that the can of ‘cola’ thrown by the ” sister” turns into a penguin.

The smiley sister said to Mr. Aoyama who is going to be a pokan. “Please solve this mystery.What can you do?” What is the relationship between the”sister” and the penguin? And can Aoyama solve this mystery? The story of that summer is a little wonderful and a lifelong memory.


AOYAMA:Kana Kita

Director:Hiroyasu Ishida
Screenplay:Makoto Ueda
Original Work:Morimi Tomihiko
Character Design:Youjirou Arai

■Release Information
17,August 2018, nationwide

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© 2018 森見登美彦・KADOKAWA/「ペンギン・ハイウェイ」製作委員会

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