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Time is 2025.
The Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled for 2020 will be canceled due to large-scale terrorist attacks.
The Gulf area where the main venue is complete has now become a special area under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and turned into a place of extraterritorial rights.
Hana Tougetsu is a 17 year’s old high school girl who lives in the bay area. At first glance she looks like an ordinary high school girl, but in fact she is a member of the special forces under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. On that day she will transfer to a public high school in Enoshima for the performance of a certain task.

The target this time is a boy named Shunichi Nanase who will become a classmate. However, when Hana approaches quickly, a middle-aged man who is also at the same time visiting Shunichi at that high school. Furthermore, to pursue that middle-aged man, the US forces in Japan also began to advance to high schools that have a Shunichi and Hana. While the smell of battlefields began to drift rapidly, another girl headed towards his place.


Anthea:Asami Seto
Hana Tougetsu:Ookubo Rumi
Shunichi Nanase:Kouki Uchiyama
Sayuri:Haruka Takahashi
Estella:Naomi Oozora

Original Creator:Jirou Ishii
Director of Animation:Masahiro Ando
Original Character Design:Yuusuke Kozaki
Drawing Director:Masahiro Satou
Concept Design:Tsuyoshi Kusano
Animation Production:KINEMA CITRUS×ORANGE
Actual picture director · Theme song producer:Atsushi Isoyama
Distribution:PONY CANYON

■Release Information
23,June~6,July (2Weeks limited release)
※Shinjuku Baltic 9 and Umeda Buruku 7 extended screening has been decided!
The period is until 7/13 (Friday)

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©2014 Jiro Ishii ©2014 Yusuke Kozaki
©2015 Under the Dog,LLC All rights reserved.

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